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That is an opinion editorial via Arman The Parman, a Bitcoin educator keen about privateness.

The Drawback

To flourish, humanity wishes to return to unfastened marketplace cash (now not issued via central banks or governments, however bobbing up from the marketplace) that can not be manipulated via central banks and/or governments, nor eliminated. This cash additionally must be virtual, to facilitate world price switch, but scarce (virtual tokens have at all times been “copyable”).

Gold used to paintings neatly, however being bodily, as industry expanded past the native the town to world industry, peer-to-peer change of gold was impractical. The option to that weak spot was once to centralize it (the use of financial institution ledgers as an alternative, or financial institution “notes”), and digitize it (digitization of notes/contracts), permitting banks to develop into intermediaries of all non-P2P transfers of cash. Gold’s bodily nature resulted in the advent of gold-backed paper/virtual cash, however then in the long run to fiat cash — government-issued cash now not subsidized via the rest in any respect, now not even gold. Fiat cash prices not anything to supply, isn’t scarce, and lets in governments to steer clear of marketplace forces. It lets in the federal government to at all times enlarge, facilitating a constant and slow march to international totalitarianism.

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